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Paul traversing the continental divide
stories by Paul Tolmé


Elevation Outdoors Aug 4, 2009
Ride of the Nedhead Dirt Club
Randy barrels into the S-turn at full speed, side lugs biting into gravel as he lays his bike to one side,
then the other, and rockets down the trail. The rest of us step on our pedals, digging hard to catch him.

Popular Mechanics Jan 30, 2009
5 Trends from the Ski and Snowboard Industry Trade Show

reverse-camber skis, avalanche packs, helmet camcorders, and more

Popular Mechanics July 2, 2008
Building Smart in Fuel Crunch, Bike Industry's Gear Shift Pays Off

Companies that once sold only mountain or road racing bikes, built for recreation
and fitness, are now rushing to produce bikes for commuting and running errands.

Newsweek 12/18/06
Coldwater Surfing

Peter Mel was visiting Alaska's Aleutian Islands last winter when he spotted the perfect wave

Newsweek 11/21/05
No Sea, Plenty of Sand

One of the hottest places on earth, Death Valley, becomes positively balmy in the fall

Newsweek 10/31/05
choose the right bike seat
Can bike seats harm your sex life?

Ski Magazine Summer 2005

"It's the dirt-based, warm-weather form of what we do in the winter"

Hooked on the Outdoors March 2005
Fished Past The Limit
Recreational fishing is booming, but a new study shows that we may be loving our fish to death

Hooked on the Outdoors October 2004
Vote Your Boots

Outdoor enthusiasts are starting to assert their political muscle...

Newsweek 10/25/04
Dropping in Pairs
Paragliding has exploded in popularity in recent years

Newsweek 9/20/04
Carry-On Cruisers
If you still haven't mastered origami, try folding a bike

Newsweek 8/09/04
Pitch a Tent
if you can't afford a luxury resort, check into a campground nearby

Newsweek 7/19/04
All-Night Shifts
Forget sleep. For many mountain bikers, nothing beats the rush of a 24-hour race

Newsweek 5/03/04
Birding Books
There are few things more relaxing than sitting on your porch and watching nature fly by

Newsweek 4/19/04
high-tech fishing rod
delicately present a fly to finicky trout 25 feet downriver—or let rip with a gargantuan cast

Newsweek 3/22/04
Fitness: Where to Take a Hike
with 200,000 miles of trails across the country, the options can be dizzying

Newsweek 2/09/04
Base layer garments
these high-tech undergarments are made of synthetic fabrics or itch-free wool

Newsweek 12/15/03
Sports: Pack Up a Kayak
a new generation of foldable, collapsible and inflatable equipment

Newsweek 8/06/03
Wildlife: Animal Planet
favorite fall destinations for nature lovers

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